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[audio]The Child Samuel - First Samuel - Roy Trumbull
This reading is from the first three chapters of First Samuel and tells the story of Samuel the child. One interesting thing to note is the use of "mine" where you would expect "my". "Mine" reminds us of the German parent of English and it is very natural for a child to say.
Keywords: bible; Samuel
Downloads: 487
[audio]Kickme by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
This is an orientation lecture for those who've just moved to a state where the residents all have a stake in their exploitation and mistreatment and are convinced that it's a good idea to get the short end of the stick in perpetuity.
Keywords: kickme; politics; kickme states; humor; satire; audio books; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,106
[audio]Notes On The Bible - Roy Trumbull
These are some notes on the differences between the Jewish bible and the Christian "Old Testament". The order of the books is different. The names of the books are different. The leading names within the stories are different. The translation problems are considerable. What the bible says or may not say remains problematic.
Keywords: bible; Christian; Jewish; translation; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 131
[audio]Vetting Medea by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
The Meanness and Rationalization Party is vetting Vice-Presidential candidates. Medea is on the list even though she's had more than her share of bad press. How many votes can you get after you kill your children, poison your exes trophy bride, turn the kings murdered corpse into an entrée, and later attempt to poison your stepson?
Keywords: Medea; vetting; politics; satire; campaign; vice president; audio book; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 92
[audio]Joey and the Perfect Golf Clubs by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
I think I had my first golf clubs when I was three. My dad, Barney Trumbull, was a dedicated golfer but I lacked the knack. That didn't keep me from playing with him on every golf course in Northern California. The Rattlesnake Hills Club is a thinly disguised real club. It combines the worst features of a number of courses I've been on. We bring back Joey, inventor of the P-Ball, who once again makes a game changing invention...
Keywords: gahlumponium; magic; golf; imagination; Joey; Roy Trumbull; audio book; Rattlesnake Hills
Downloads: 44
[audio]The Culprit Fay - Roy Trumbull
A story from the collection "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner. A fay is one of the many names for a fairy. In this story a fay has loved a mortal and the fairy king sends him on a quest in which he must catch a drop of spray from a leaping sturgeon and a spark from a meteor.
Keywords: fay; fairy; Hudson; watersprites; ghosts
Downloads: 45
[audio]Miss Moose Meat - Roy Trumbull
copyright 2008 by Roy Trumbull A young lady is proud of the fact she was named Miss Moose Meat at a beauty contest in Alaska. In fact she never fails to mention the fact, much to the chagrin of her brother. It acts as a boy friend screening process. If a guy is still interested after he hears the tale, then maybe he's the one.
Keywords: Alaska; moose; satire; love; beauty contest; love; college; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,526
[audio]The Youth and His Eagle - a Zuni tale - Roy Trumbull
An Indian youth dotes on his pet eagle. He is transported to another realm and there becomes an eagle himself. Then he is tempted to fly to a forbidden place and is seduced by the spirits of the dead.
Keywords: audio books; Indian; Zuni; eagle; spirits; evil
Downloads: 637
[audio]Lester and Earl Explain the Universe - Roy Trumbull
Two rural sages tackle religion, abortion, eternal congressmen, and China. All this while cleaning their rifles. Creative Commons Copyright - some rights reserved
Keywords: religion; abortion; congress; China; Lester and Earl; humor; satire
Downloads: 52
[audio]Boy And Father by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
To the boy Alexander, it is dreams from his reading and wonder about his lost mother as the rain comes down.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Boy and Father; dreams; adventure; mother; poetry
Downloads: 62
[audio]Un Morso Du Pang by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
The place is the midwest. The time is the early days of World War I. The young men are enlisting and their girl friends are left behind. Tessie Golden works in a watch factory and is sassy and confident. But when her boy friend comes home during a break in training she finds he is learning French. It dawns on her that when he comes home from the war he will be a diferent person but she will be the same...
Keywords: audio books; fiction; ferber; hen lit; love; romance
Downloads: 167
[audio]Sarah and Dean - Roy Trumbull
Universal Healthcare or Private Healthcare? Our favorite couple Sarah and Dean thrash it out.
Keywords: Healthcare; propaganda; humor
Downloads: 122
[audio]Chuck's Cipher by Roy Trumbull copyright 2008 - Roy Trumbull
A young man is dead and his friends meet to attempt to decode a message found in his effects.
Keywords: codes; ciphesr; computers; mystery; audio book; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 574
[audio]Fellow-Citizens by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A rather wry look at how to measures happiness.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Millionaire; Publisher; Mayor; Instrument Maker; happiness; Music
Downloads: 58
[audio]Hiawatha and the Pearl Feather - Roy Trumbull
The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow epic poem Hiawatha was first published in 1855. This is just one portion of it. The poem about Hiawatha as a child could be found in primary school readers back in the days when children learned to read and write.
Keywords: audio books; Hiawatha; pearl feather; Longfellow
Downloads: 786
[audio]Joey and Young Mr. Tom by Roy Trumbull copyright 2009 - Roy Trumbull
Joey falls asleep and finds himself on a rail car in 1862 with a young Thomas Edison while the Civil War rages. Because Detroit is adjacent to Canada it was a major station on the Underground Railroad and the crossing point for fugitive slaves. I added mention in the story of the Unitarian minister Thomas Starr King. He was responsible for keeping California from supporting the confederates. For 22 years I worked one block away from his crypt at his church...
Keywords: Joey; Edison; adventure; fiction; historical; Civil War; slavery; Starr King; underground railroad
Downloads: 743
[audio]Jack and the Bad Stock by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
A twisted fairy tale that introduces one to the fictions of Wall Street and the legal fictions that make them possible.
Keywords: humor; Jack and the beanstock; legal fictions; Wall Street; crooks in Congress; Roy Trumbull; offshore headquarters; investment fraud
Downloads: 1,139
[audio]Stopover Planet by Robert E. Gilbert - Roy Trumbull
Aliens collect samples for the galactic museum. Their task is made simple by baiting humans with their own desires.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; aliens; human exhibit; galactic museum; audio book
Downloads: 124
[audio]Joey and the Portal by Roy Trumbull copyright 2009 - Roy Trumbull
Joey visits an MRI machine and learns something about how it images soft tissue. Joey's Uncle Walter has vanished and in his uncles lab he finds something like a home brew MRI machine but it's much different. He figures out it's a portal but to where?
Keywords: Joey; MRI; Sci-Fi; fantasy; audio book; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,089
[audio]Sweethearts, Hello From Hollywood - Roy Trumbull
The first one of these "reports" was an accident. Now there's two years worth. Seems my two year stint in Hollywood many years ago exposed me to enough outrageous frauds that writing these pieces is second nature. Our reporter still lacks a name. I'm open to suggestions.
Keywords: Hollywood; movies; actors; nut cases; satire; humor
Downloads: 1,062
[audio]Ask Your Doctor About Foolium - Roy Trumbull
I wrote this after seeing one too many ads aimed directly at the rubes to get them to request script for expensive meds.
Keywords: drugs; medicine; health care; humor; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 965
[audio]The Rat Racket by Dr. David Keller - Roy Trumbull
What if modern day racketeers could control rats just like the Pied Piper? Who would stop them from extortion on a grand scale?
Keywords: rats; pied piper; folklore; music; extortion; rackets; Sci-Fi; Dr. David Keller; gangsters
Downloads: 106
[audio]The Phantom Train of Marshall Pass - Roy Trumbull
A train engineer pulling up to the 12,000 foot summit of Marshall Pass, CO finds he's being pursued by a wild train behind while being ordered to stop by a swinging signal lantern ahead. The tale is from the collection "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by CHarles M. Skinner.
Keywords: trains; phantoms; legends; Marshall Pass; Colorado; wild train
Downloads: 71
[audio]Bricklayer's Love by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A short poem about a bricklayer telling of his love that could not be.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; bricklayer; love
Downloads: 61
[audio]The Loss of New York by George M. Wrong - Roy Trumbull
This is chapter 4 from the book "Washington and His Comrades in Arms, A Chronicle of the War of Independence" by George M. Wrong It covers a stunning turning point in the fortunes of war. The British had mounted a massive campaign against the rebels and good reports of it kept flowing to London. Then General Washington managed a series of clever and bold maneuvers that caused the British to pull back and take him seriously...
Keywords: audio books; George Washington; New York City; American History; Revolutionary War
Downloads: 572
[audio]Water Lilies - Roy Trumbull
The Water Lilies. An American Indian Tale. How a star maiden decided to become a water lily
Keywords: Indian; water lily; folklore; audio book
Downloads: 93
[audio]A Saga of the Seas by Kenneth Grahame - Roy Trumbull
A Saga of the Seas by Kenneth Grahame This story was first published in 1898 at a time when England was a great sea power and the average boy knew more about ships and their weaponry than a modern child knows about a video game console. Our young hero outfits a schooner, selects a crew, hunts polar bears on an iceberg, battles a pirate ship and takes its treasure, rescues a princess, captures a French frigate, and returns in time for tea...
Keywords: pirates; frigates; adventure; imagination; treasure; children's stories
Downloads: 330
[audio]The Golem of Worms - Roy Trumbull
This is a Jewish folk tale dating to the 16th century. In a time of great trouble for the Jews a supernatural being is created to protect them. The text for this story is at http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/golem.html#golem .
Keywords: golem; Jews; supernatural
Downloads: 226
[audio]The Dragon of the North - Roy Trumbull
This tale has it all. A young hero; a dragon that eats everything in its path; a beautiful but evil witch; a magic ring that confers great powers; and a magician who knows how to learn the secrets of the ring.
Keywords: magic ring; witch; magician; dragon; magic
Downloads: 2,295
[audio]Heist Job On Thizar by Randall Garrett - Roy Trumbull
A beautiful girl, a thug, a narcotics kingpin, a priceless necklace, and master jewel thief Anson Drake play out their cards on the planet Thizar. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org.
Keywords: Sci-FI; jewels; Anson Drake; Randall Garrett; audio book; Science Fiction
Downloads: 933
[audio]Dolph Heylinger - Roy Trumbull
A doctor has bought some property that the locals say is haunted. He sends a young man to investigate and sure enough he sees a spirit who turns out to be his ancestor. After some adventure he uncovers a treasure.
Keywords: treasure; ghost; New Amsterdam; myths and legends; Dolph Heylinger
Downloads: 70
[audio]The Homely Heroine by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
In this early piece of magazine fiction, Edna Ferber raises the case of a heroine who doesn't start out as or, through some transformation, become a raving beauty. What if one starts out plain and ends plain and just has a good heart? The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org. Search authors for Ferber, Edna.
Keywords: audio book; fiction; ferber; hen lit; love; romance
Downloads: 1,474
[audio]Mliss by Bret Harte - Roy Trumbull
In the mining town of Smith's Pocket Mliss (Melissa) has grown up without a mother and with a drunk for a father. She shows up at the school house and announces she wants an education. Between Mliss and the school master it is a question of who is teaching whom. This story so captivated the young Rudyard Kipling that when he left India to go to London he came by way of San Francisco. In his visit to the gold country he fancied he saw young girls who were the image of Mliss...
Keywords: audio books; old west; gold country; Bret Harte
Downloads: 221
[audio]In The Land of Souls - Roy Trumbull
An American Indian story. A young chief is to marry but the night before the wedding his intended becomes suddenly ill and dies. He is heartbroken and seeks to find her in the Land of Souls. This is a variant on the classic Orpheus myth.
Keywords: American Indian; death; land of souls; audio book
Downloads: 1,026
[audio]Early FM Tales by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
One would think that the way an FM station makes money is by selling commercials. For decades the owners have made money by selling the station to a bigger fool. Now the biggest fools own all the stations. This story goes back to the early 1960s and how it all began.
Keywords: FM radio; trade-outs; due bills; radio schools; limited partnerships; adult content
Downloads: 70
[audio]Hobos That Pass In The Night by Jack London - Roy Trumbull
This is an autobiographical story by London from his book "The Road". It tells the hard reality of being dragged from trains, freezing in the wind while hanging between cars, and of being run out of towns by the local cops. It also tells of the signs carved into railroad water tanks that served as a menu regarding a hobo's chances if he begged for money or food in that town or a place to kip. As if the locals and railroad bulls weren't bad enough, of being forced on pain of a bad beating to tell...
Keywords: audio book; Jack London; hobos; tramps; railroads
Downloads: 752 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]The Hypnotist by Ambrose Bierce - Roy Trumbull
A young man has the kind of eyes that engage others. He is a natural hypnotist and also a sociopath. As a teenager he routinely takes the lunch of a young girl who is convinced that she has eaten it. He makes a prison warden think he is an ostrich and the man dies while trying to swallow a doorknob. His own parents are made to believe they are wild broncos and they fight to the death.
Keywords: hypnotist; Ambrose Bierce; sociopath; black humor; murder
Downloads: 139
[audio]Gunga Din - Roy Trumbull
A classic poem in dialect by Rudyard Kipling about a regimental water boy in India. I think I first heard it when I was in elementary school
Keywords: Kipling; Gunga Din; war; soldiers; water boy
Downloads: 917
[audio]The Last Shot At Germantown - Roy Trumbull
Future events at wartime are oft foretold by dreams and wondrous signs. This is a collection of such stories which ends with the Revolutionary War battle of Germantown. The story comes from Myths and Legends of Our Own Land by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: Germantown; Revolutionary Way; dreams; wondrous signs
Downloads: 75
[audio]Cahoots by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
Corruption happens but in Chicago it is an art form. Perhaps the stuffing of pockets might be handicapped by the wearing of mittens.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; corruption; Cahoots; poetry
Downloads: 82
[audio]House by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
Two Swedish boys want to be soldiers even after a veteran of the Civil War tells of the fighting and its toll of men
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Civil War; soldiers; casualties
Downloads: 81
[audio]Ramapo Salamander - Roy Trumbull
The German immigrants working at a forge in the Ramapo Valley believe the fire should be put out once every 7 years to prevent the birth of a fiery salamander capable of much mischief. Hugo the owner disagrees but his men are right.
Keywords: forge; smiths; salamander; earth spirits; Ramapo; magic
Downloads: 77
[audio]The Lawyers Know Too Much by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A search is made for that which is created by lawyers yet its substance cannot be found.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; poetry; lawyers; legal language
Downloads: 72
[audio]The Case of the Hollow Nickel - Roy Trumbull
The arrest in 2010 of a group of Russian spies reminded me of a classic case from the 1950s. It all started when a newsboy accidentally received a hollow nickel containing a microphotograph. This story comes from the FBI's classic case histories file.
Keywords: FBI; spies; hollow nickel; Abel; microphotograph; Soviet Union
Downloads: 102
[audio]Story-Tell Lib - Roy Trumbull
A collection of stories first published in 1908 by Annie Trumbull Slosson. They were first told by a 13 year old girl in a southern village who had an amazing talent for making powerful points with her simple stories. Ms. Slosson took them down with attention to the young ladies' dialect. (The author was my distant cousin.) The text for this book is available at www.gutenberg.org. Search author for Slosson.
Keywords: parables; allegories; folk-lore; stories; audio book; dialect; American south; Annie Trumbull Slosson
Downloads: 291
[audio]Certain Death Cola by Roy Trumbull copyright 2008 - Roy Trumbull
A business scheme based upon truth brings riches to those employing it. Imagine a can of high fructose corn syrup cola with a detailed list of all the medical ills drinking it will cause.
Keywords: cola; HFCS; high fructose corn syrup; fiction; audio book; death rockers; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,699
[audio]Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz by L. Frank Baum - Roy Trumbull
This is the fourth Oz story of those written by L. Frank Baum. In it Dorothy and her cousin Zeb are swallowed up by an Earthquake crevice and fall slowly down to a strange land where they are shortly joined by the Wizard whose circus balloon has suffered the same fate. They have many adventures before finally being transported to Oz by the magic of Ozma.
Keywords: Oz; L.Frank Baum; Dorothy; Wizard of Oz; magic; adventure; humbug
Downloads: 772
[audio]Accidental Death by Peter Baily - Roy Trumbull
The only survivor of the first starship journey was lucky. Well, maybe. There is a reference in this story to a program on paper tape. I dedicate this reading to those of you who recall loading short programs via the front panel with toggle switches, then running the bootstrap loader and software tapes on the tape reader of a balky ASR-33 teletype. The rest of you pay no attention, go back to your video gizmos...
Keywords: Sci-Fi; luck; audio book; starship; classic sci-fi
Downloads: 1,967
[audio]The Tape Recorder - Roy Trumbull
A grandfather explains to his grandson what a tape recorder was.
Keywords: tape recorder; magnetic tape; editing; Ampex 600
Downloads: 119
[audio]Unborn Tomorrow by Mack Reynolds - Roy Trumbull
A client with money hires a detective to bring him a time traveler so he can learn the secrets of the future and put off his own death. This leads to a trip to Octoberfest and a triple hangover.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Mack Reynolds; Octoberfest; time travel; hangover
Downloads: 95
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